Spotpush provides technical advisory, end-to-end project management, managed services and project resourcing services helping organisations deliver on their strategic objectives.
We speciaise in delivering development and integrations, migrations and upgrades, consolidations and decommissioning, rollouts and relocation projects accross all business divisions and industries.
Technology Advisory Services

We provide deep technical expertise aligninig strategy with technology

Project Management

Learn how we deliver project success through effective planning

Managed Services

We manage development, integration, migrations, relocations, upgrades, rollouts, consolidation and decomissioning projects.

Project Resourcing

Dedicated teams, staff augmentation and projet based.

Technology Advisory Services
When deep technical knowledge is required

Experts may only have a general level of know-how or an area of ​​expertise that is too narrow to deal with an overall project or an issue that requires specific skills and knowledge of cutting-edge technology. This is where our technical consulting team helps!

Our technical advisory services are provided by experts covering all our core services; technical advisory, project management, managed services and project resourcing and capabilities; development and integrations, migrations and upgrades, consolidationas and decommissioning and rollouts and relocations.
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Spotpush is well known for our knowledge and experience in all types of technology transformations. Our project, programme and portfolio management expertise, coupled with industry-specific knowledge informs the implementation of strategies for public and private organisations, of all sizes, across the UK. Our approach is based on building relationships with clients and delivering valuable and credible insight.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Strategy
  • IT effectiveness
  • IT cost reduction
  • IT sourcing and procurement
  • Cloud computing
  • Information and analytics
  • IT project, programme and portfolio delivery
Image of alternating up and down arrows with a tick showing spotpush's technical advisory capabilities
Spotpush's capabilities services' aim to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change. We help our clients to identify and implement a range of IT related transformation projects helping to cut costs, improve management and control, identify and manage risk and improve quality. Our deep understanding of IT systems and risk management facilitates an integrated end-to-end approach.

  • Development and Integrations
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • Consolidations and Decommissioning
  • Rollouts and Relocations
Project Management
When project management integrates seamlessly with business transformation, you can better tame the chaos of large programs and turn strategy into sustainable value.

Our team of project, programme and portfolio management professionals can address your company’s complex program delivery in IT software and infrastructure programs across matrixed environments and geographies.

Our approach blends project, programme and portfolio services skills with industry insight to deliver solutions that work for both the enterprise as a whole and individual business functions.
Image of two people discussing over a table about project management planning
This is the very first step marking the beginning of the journey to deliver a concept Product, Service or Result.

During the planning step a specific Product, Service, or Result is conceptualised and further steps are taken to elaborate the business need of the same as well as the necessary Scope of the Product, Service or result.

  1. Identify the Core Problem
  2. Defining Project Objectives
  3. Determine scope, resources, and major tasks/activities
  4. Managing Constraints
Image of a laptop showing development code, on the screen, about project management development
At this stage, we bring the team together, Time estimates are converted into Schedule, and Cost estimates are converted into budgets.

Resources and 3rd party suppliers are gathered and commitments are allocated.

  1. Assemble Team
  2. Responsibility Assignment Planning
  3. Kick-off Meeting
  4. Define Schedule
  5. Budget Development
Image of three arrows pointing up, indicatring how spotpush delivers project management implementation
Most of the project effort happens at this stage and most of the project resources are required during the implementation stage.

This stage is the most exciting as a lot of activity is going on here. It is also the most frustrating stage due to the immense pressure to meet the goals and perform the things as per plans.

  1. Monitor and Control Budget, Scope and Schedule
  2. Progress Reporting
  3. Issues and Problem Management
Image of a circular target with arrow in the center indicating the successful delivery of project outcomes
As soon as project deliverables are accepted and handed over to the business, the project needs to be formal.

Staff and 3rd party suppliers are released, project procurements need to be formally closed, all unused material, resources and equipment need to be returned.

The project performance needs to be evaluated and all project records and documents are required to be archived.

  1. Project Performance Evaluation
  2. Project Closure
  3. Post-Evaluation Debriefing
Managed Services
Reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide total peace of mind with Spotpush's managed IT services. Having reliable IT systems is crucial for the day-to-day running of your business.

Our managed IT services help plan, execute and control key software and hardware transformation projects, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

We specialise in development, integrations, migrations, upgrades, consolidations, decommissioning, rollouts and relocation projects for organisations across the UK.
Image of a laptop showing development code, on the screen, about managed service development and integrations
Development and Integrations
Our development and integration services support the implementation of new and existing software and hardware infrastructure focusing on software procurement and licensing, configuration, tuning, staging, installation and interoperability testing.
Image of a laptop uploading data to the cloud showing spotpush's migration and upgrade managed services capability
Migrations and
Our migration and upgrade servivces help organisation plan and execute data, aplication, operating system and cloud migrations and upgrading physical and vitual hardware infrastructure to support expansion and improve performance.
Image of a box with settings cogs showing spotpush's consolidation and decommissioning managed services capabilities
Consolidations and Decommissioning
Helping to reduce costs, streamline services and processes and achieve long-term sustainable growth. We help organisations identify areas of consolidation and decommissioning of software applications and hardware infrastructure.
Image of a browser with a new application highlighting spotpush's rollout and relocation managed service capabilities
Rollouts and
We help orchestrate the deployment of new features and versions to existing software applications and implement new applications for specific business processes. We also advise, plan and oversee physical and virtual relocation projects between office locations and data centers.
Project Resourcing
Have an ad-hoc requirement or business transformation project that requires additional time and resources? Spotpush can build and manage dedicated, scalable development and infrastructure teams to meet your business needs without putting pressure on internal resources.

Spotpush's Project Resourcing services provide experts across all IT related disciplines helping clients to eleviate the stress and risks associated with project delivery. We execute our Statements of Work and Deliverables approach to achieve your key objectives from the start; using a Times and Materials approach (other smart options can be discussed).
Image of two people sharing information and working together as part of Spotpush's project resourcing services
How we help you
We know a good fit when we see it. We use proactive, targeted sourcing to help you find people and teams with the skills and attitude to shine in your business—no matter how tight your timeline. We combine the latest tools with our market-leading digital assessments and success profiles in our Spotpush Intelligence Cloud. And we provide unbeatable scalability. So, all you see is one streamlined hiring process—and a whole lot of talent.

  • Find qualified candidates who want to join you
  • Match suitable candidates with your company
  • Save money withouth compromising on quality
  • Source highly-skilled technology talent
Image of two devices sharing information and working together as part of Spotpush's project resourcing services
What we do
Our specialists around the UK use our Spotpush Intelligence Cloud: tools and analytics with in-depth market and industry knowledge that cover every stage of the talent acquisition process.

  • Dedicated Teams
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project-based Resourcing
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Executive Search
  • Permanent and Contract Recruitment
  • Outsourcing
Explore our Capabilities
Development and Integrations

Learn how we deliver project success through effective planning

Migrations and Upgrades

Rapid technological expansion challenges companies to stay ahead of the competition.

Consolidations and Decommissioning

Rapid technological expansion challenges companies to stay ahead of the competition.

Rollouts and Relocations

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide peace of mind with managed IT services.

We put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to you. It's the formula that has helped us successfully deliver some of the industry's most complex projects.
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